How to Study the Bible with Word Studies

Learn the Tools • Apply the Methods • Get the Insights


An Online Course for Finding the Meaning behind the Bible's Words

Don't Know about the Tools?

Discover a small set of free, online study tools you can trust. Learn to use them in practice to go beyond a surface-level reading of the Bible.

Don't Know How to Study?

See a word study done from start to finish. Learn to use dictionaries and instantly sift through the technical jargon and jump to what’s important.

Don't Have Much Time?

Get a 5-step word study method that adjusts to you. Got 20 minutes to study? Good! Got 2 hours? Great! It's all about “doable depth” and insights.

"What I learned instantly shaved 3-4 hours off of my teaching preparation. I had no idea these tools even existed and that using them could be so simple."

David P.

Is the Course Right for Me?

This course works for anyone looking to feed their fascination with the Bible's words.

  • Lay people seeking to get out of a rut and have deep, meaningful Bible studies for personal devotions.
  • Small group leaders looking for genuine engagement beyond the dreaded “what-stuck-out-to-you” questions.
  • Teachers wanting a surplus of personal insights. Avoid scavenging for quotes or illustrations for filler material.

What Could Change for You?

A single insight about the meaning of a word could make a profound impact upon your life, your ministry, and those around you.

How Do I Take the Course?

Take this self-study course online through your web browser.

  • 19 bite-sized video tutorials recorded in high-definition (HD). Play, pause, rewind as much as you want.
  • 4+ hours of foundational instruction on word studies. Complete in a weekend, apply for a lifetime. 
  • 389 pages of downloadable bonus materials. Practice what you've learned and share your insights with others.

"I've read through the Bible already. But using this process made me feel like I was reading it again for the first time. I've always wondered how to go deeper and now I know how. "

Joanna M.
Parent, Small Group Leader

What Will I Learn in the Course?

Unit 1: Core Concepts (3 Videos)

Get a clear explanation about what a “word study” is (and is not). Learn about the languages the Bible was originally written in and what difference that makes for word studies. Find out where the meaning of a word comes from with examples.

Unit 2: Key Tools (7 Videos)

Learn about three types of word study resources: dictionaries, concordances, and commentaries. See what kinds of practical insights you can glean from each. Learn to use two trustworthy websites with many of these resources available for free.

Unit 3: Common Mistakes (3 Videos)

Learn about the three most common mistakes made when doing word studies (and how to avoid them). Apply basic, but overlooked, principles about how language works to choose the right meaning, even when several other meanings exist.

Unit 4: Example Word Study (6 Videos)

Watch a word study on one of the New Testament's most challenging words. See the entire process completed with the same tools and five-step process presented in the course. Go from finding a word to study to applying insights to your life.


Special Bonus Materials for You!

E-Book Transcription

A 118-page, word-for-word transcription of the entire course. Easily reference definitions and procedures. Search the e-book for terms and Bible references whenever you want to review.

Study-to-Teach Checklist

A simple, no-nonsense checklist to help you take what you've learned and turn that into a teaching. This works whether it's a lesson or a sermon. Craft something that's truly impactful for others.

52 Word Studies Guide

A 269-page devotional guide with 52 of the Bible's most important words—one for each week of the year! Use the guide for your personal devotions, small groups, Sunday school lessons or sermons.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Others

Imagine having more than enough insights to share. And people show their appreciation, too: β€œWhat you said stuck with me all week. Thank you!”

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How to Study the Bible with Word Studies

E-Book Transcription

Study-to-Teach Checklist

52 Word Studies Guide






How to Study the Bible with Word Studies

Plus 3 Bonus Materials

The Mission & Message of Jesus Christ

E-Book + Slides


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