The Mission & Message of Jesus Christ

Study His Life • Learn His Message • Live His Mission


A Curriculum for Demystifying the Life Events and Teachings of Jesus

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

The words — baptism, cross, resurrection — don't actually appear in the Old Testament. Yet, these life events fulfilled Old Testament prophecy. How?

What's a โ€œSon of Manโ€?

Jesus called Himself “Son of Man” more than any other title. Many assume it just means “human” yet religious leaders condemned Him for it. Why?

What's Our Mission Really?

Jesus' death and resurrection was only part of His mission. He also gives believers the gift of His Holy Spirit to empower them. What now?

"The parallels I see now are just amazing. Makes me want to read my Bible over and over."

Shane P.
Worship Leader

The Right Curriculum for Me?

This curriculum is for anyone eager to see the eye-opening connections between the Old Testament and New Testament.

  • Lay people seeking a deep, wholistic understanding of Jesus' ministry as recorded in the four Gospels.
  • Small group leaders looking to foster discussions without those tired “what-stuck-out-to-you” questions.
  • Teachers wanting a surplus of insights that renew their delight in the Bible and inspire others with fresh content.

What Could Change for You?

A single insight about Jesus' mission and message could make a profound impact upon your life, your ministry, and those around you.

How Do I Take the Course?

Get the e-book and slides via email upon purchase.

  • 6 units of focused content on the titles and events of Jesus' life. Easily adapts for six-week or six-month study.
  • 40+ bit-sized sections in a 50-page leader's guide. Dive deep into a verse and simply pick up where you left off.
  • 200+ slides for presentations. Introduce your group or class to profound concepts with well-designed visuals.

"I grew up in church. Heard lots of sermons. But I never had someone bring it all together. This time, I finally feel like I get it. I get the entire message."

Kirsten S.
High School Teacher, High School Ministry Staff

What Will I Learn through the Curriculum?

Unit 1: The Kingdom of God

Learn about the cultural customs of people in the Ancient Near East and why that makes the imagery used Genesis 1 so clever. Discover what we lost in The Fall, the negative effects on relationships, and how God set out to redeem what was lost.

Unit 2: Jesus, Messiah

Survey the meaning of “Messiah” from Old Testament to New Testament. Discover the primary functions of priests, prophets and kings in the ancient world. Explore a dozen fascinating parallels between the Books of Samuel and the Gospel of Luke.

Unit 3: Jesus, Son of God 

Discover the multi-level meanings of “Son of God” from several key Old Testament passages. Learn how that title connects to Jesus' baptism, temptation, and miracles — events that echo The Exodus, when God delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt.

Unit 4: Jesus, Son of Man

Find the unique, prophetic passage that holds the key for understanding Jesus' use of “Son of Man.” Breakdown the structure of Luke's Gospel and see where Jesus calls Himself “Son of Man” most, and what that reveals about His identity.

Unit 5: The Cross & Resurrection

Gain insight into what crucifixion meant in antiquity. Survey hidden-in-plain-sight references to the cross in the Old Testament. Learn the deeper meaning behind Jesus' resurrection event and what that revealed about His death.

Unit 6: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

Uncover the common, but overlooked synonyms for the Holy Spirit and Its prominent role in the Old Testament. Discover how — through the Spirit — God is restoring what was lost in The Fall with brief survey through Luke-Acts and Paul’s Letters.


What Will You Get?

E-Book Leader's Guide

A 50-page resource featuring an outline of the course with Bible references, commentary and discussion questions. Use for devotions, small groups, Sunday school lessons or sermons.

Presentation Slide Deck

A 200-slide deck, matching the structure and content of the leader’s guide. No need to spend time designing slides. Instead, focus on the content and leading meaningful discussions.

Invest in Yourself, Invest in Others

Imagine sharing about the life of Jesus with clarity and insight. Those around you say: โ€œHey, I wanted to let you know I started reading my Bible again.โ€

Get the Curriculum

You can get lifetime, on-demand access to this curriculum for just a fraction of the cost of a typical conference with travel expenses.





The Mission & Message of Jesus Christ

E-Book Leader's Study Guide

Presentation Slide Deck


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